Silver Linings + Hopeful Things

A screenshot of the padlet board.I have been working in online education since 2015, and for five years I have been racking my brain about how to marry the skills I have acquired during that half a decade with my first love: creative writing and performance.

Well these recent uncertain times, have proven very trying for my own mental health and well-being. The idea of isolation and social-distancing for an indertiminate amount of time is… well pretty scary! I have also witnessed numerous writing pals and creative associates at a loss of what to do with countless projects and performances and book tours being cancelled. I don’t have any real brilliant ideas about how to overcome the financial loss that many are now faced with. My hope though is that online community spaces can help alleviate some of the anxiety and worry we are all experiencing.

This need to try and create some hope got me thinking about what I understand of online spaces, community engagement and learning technology tools. So was born this idea to try and host an asynchronous open mic performance. The success of which can only happen if people choose to participate!

You can participate as an “audience member” or join the ongoing “open-mic” by sharing work directly on the Padlet board here. Additionally, you can use these instructions here to get started.

All participants maintain full copyright to their own work and can remove it at any time they wish or contact me directly for assistance. I look forward to listening and reading anything you wish to share! Hopefully it can help mitigate any loneliness and allow for creativity to blossom in anxious and worrying times.

This project is no way meant to undermine or make light of a very serious virus. Information about Covid-19 can be found below. I hope that during the coming weeks and months you all take serious the need to be more mindful of community health, stay mindful of all interactions in public and prioritise the well being of all over the needs of the self:

Coronavirus (Covid-19) latest NHS and government advice and information:


Scottish Government

UK Government

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