About the author:

Photo of the authorAndrés N. Ordorica is a writer and educator based in Edinburgh, Scotland. As a writer, he aspires to create liminal worlds filled with characters who are from neither here nor there (ni de aquí, ni de allá). His work has been published in literary magazines, online journals, print publications and newspapers. He has performed his work for audiences in the US, Ireland and the UK. His plays have been performed in the US and UK.

His creative writing addresses themes of immigration, sexuality, mental health and experiences of people of colour, specifically Latinx and Latinx-American people. He has published articles on mental health, sexuality and UK politics.

He is the winner of the 2016 Bloomsbury Short Story Slam and was shortlisted as a ‘highly commended writer’ in 2017 for Spread The Word’s City of Stories competition. He was subsequently published in an anthology with both winners and commended writers from across London.Photo of the author in Japan in front of a cherry blossom tree

Andrés spent his formative years leading a nomadic life across the US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Memories of this unique upbringing are dotted about throughout his stories and poetry.

He has worked as a creative practitioner for The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center (San Antonio, Texas) and Fighting Words (Dublin, Ireland). He led workshops and arts programmes for young people to promote engagement and creative writing.

Currently, he is working on his first collection of short stories. His collection explores queer acceptance, queer love, queer marriage and how a queer man relates to his faith, his masculinity and his cultural identity.

Contact details:

You follow him on Twitter: @AndresNOrdorica

You can contact him directly via email: anikolas[dot]ordorica [at] gmail [dot] com

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