He was red that day

This is a story about Ismael and his great big day out. Currently, he is sitting on an empty bench while the world gets on with it. For whatever reason, he cannot. ­He has been this way for four weeks now. No, no one died, and he doesn’t have cancer or anything like that. He […]

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Silver Linings + Hopeful Things

I have been working in online education since 2015, and for five years I have been racking my brain about how to marry the skills I have acquired during that half a decade with my first love: creative writing and performance. Well these recent uncertain times, have proven very trying for my own mental health […]

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2019 reading list

What a year I had with all things writing, workshopping, editing, performing, and of course, reading. My top read of 2019 goes to the groundbreaking and utterly delicious Paul takes the form of a mortal girl by Andrea Lawlor. They have created such an intersting, nostalgic, sexy and moving work of fiction that centres itself […]

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Pride in Print

I had the pleasure of chairing the Pride in Print event this past #pride weekend in Edinburgh. The Lighthouse was electric with the energy of a kind audience and generous panel of writers, editors, programmers and publishers. It gave me opportunity to pause and reflect on LGBTQ+ writing and celebrate those doing the work in […]

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