Some places to find Andrés’ work:

Journalism and creative nonfiction

I Think I Need Some Help: Addressing Black male depression

The Art of Letting Go

Community, it’s more than a word!

We are here and we aren’t going anywhere — making space in Scotland

Ni de aquí, ni de allá: reflections of belonging and finding myself in books

What inclusive programming can look like in the digital age

The Skinny: Boys don’t cry

The Skinny: Rom-Coms As A Dating Guide for a Young Gay Man

The Skinny: On writing queer pride

The Skinny: Writing from the margins

The Skinny: Watching the US election as an American abroad

Bella Caledonia: Who represents you?

Bella Caledonia: Two generations of immigrants, two generations of identity

Online journals

The Acentos Review

Books From Scotland

Silk + Smoke Magazine

Print journals

EARTH: 404 ink Magazine

Confluence Medway #4

Gutter #21

Gutter #22

Anthologies & pamphlets


The Colour of Madness

The Centenary Collection

We Were Always Here: A Queer Words anthology

City of Stories 2017

Interviews and other media

Scottish BAME Writers Network Showcase: Scotland’s Heritage, Then and Now

Scottish BAME Writers Network (Bella Caledonia)

Open Courtauld Hour: New Takes (Poetry Special)

Creativity in Isolation, Representation in Literature and more – Your Own Words

The History of Love – Your Own Words

These Pyramids – Lies, Dreaming podcast

Confluence Magazine: Interview with Andrés N. Ordorica

This Is Your Mixtape: I Want That Freedom

ResFest Performance of ‘Mette’